Partners of 100% Dad

It costs money to go on tour. It cost money to buy a truck and RV. To buy fuel, insurances, food, places to park, maintenance, and the creation of content. 100% Dad was founded by and funded by Townsend Russell. The Russell Family has dedicated over $300,000 of their own cash to the 100% Dad Tour. While we are happy to provide this information and content free of charge to our following we certainly don't mind the financial support of others as long as that support fits the integrity and purpose of 100% Dad. We will not change our message to fit the message of the highest bidder. We will not promote items or content that does not reflect the values of 100% Dad. If your company or family would like to support 100% Dad and help reach more Dads nationwide we are very happy to accept your financial support!! Please reach out via the Contact Us page to speak with Townsend Russell.


At 100% DAD we always say Dads NEED a will. It prevents a ton of problems for your family in the event you die. Regardless of your income, dont make your family deal with probate courts!! Get your will in place. Its not expensive!! US Legal Forms is here to make that a lot easier. 

To purchase Estate Planning, Living Wills, Family Law, or Power of Attorney forms: CLICK HERE

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