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100% DAD

100% DAD is a forum for men, dads specifically, to step up, be real men, and become real leaders of their homes.

We have a huge task of fighting decades of misinformation and low expectations, but we are fighting the wrong presumption that dads are the family idiot, a goof, or a sports-obsessed, incompetent loaf.

We want dad to be strong for his family. To know where he stands and why. To LEAD his families in the right direction.

There is a revolution coming. Dads are stepping back up in the family. Men are becoming real men again. Not only is that good for dad, it's good for mom and the kids. It's good for the family unit and good for our communities. 100% DAD is here to provide the forum for support, education, and encouragement for dads everywhere.

How This Started

This all started in 2014. I was worried I would be dead by the time I was 30. That’s a story in itself. I wanted to make sure the business didn’t crumble and dissolve if I died unexpectedly. Since our business was the only source of income for our family, I felt it was important for my wife to know what she needed to do the very next day after I died to ensure she had an income, or at the very least an asset to sell. So I began to put together a binder of how to run the business. From day 1 on who to call and what to say, to the mundane details of day-to-day operations, even the long term hopes and strategies. Everything was written down in detail in a three-inch-thick binder. It even included post death letters to team members. It was morbid, creepy, pretty cool, and downright genius.


I thought it was incredibly smart to help the future of my family with or without me. I started thinking heavily that if I could replace Townsend, the business owner and operator, in text, then I could replace Townsend, the dad, in the same way. With that I began to jot down thoughts and notes to my two boys (two at the time, three now) in 2015. About halfway through writing that text, I started to change the audience from my boys to anyone reading it. It seemed that this might not only be a good tool for my boys, but it might be a good tool for other dads as well. I finished my first version of the book in 2015. At the time I called it “Trying to be Awesome-2015 Edition”. I had a friend edit it and early 2016 we reformatted it some and renamed it “Trying to be Awesome-2016 Edition”. In 2016 I had my third boy followed quickly by my third business. (Because with every kid I have I start a business. Russell Coffee Service when Levi was born, Auburn Group when Ryder was born, and Florida Best Vending & Micro Markets when Aiden was born.) Needless to say, we were very busy in 2016 and 2017 juggling life with that many moving and talking parts.


Once 2018 came around I had this nagging desire to put out this content. I feel a shift starting to happen with dads. An overwhelming desire to return to nostalgic manliness. To step up and be the man of the house. To lead their families. To hold their value systems true. To be a better generation of man and a better generation of dad than has ever been on this planet.

So here we are. 100% DAD is finding ways to express content and create a forum for discussion and education. As well as breed a support system for dads everywhere. That is our goal. That is our ambition. And you know what, I think this is going to work.

Now huge disclaimer and everyone hold me to this. This is not me telling everyone that I am somehow superior to them at being a dad. I don’t care about the specific details and technicalities of how you parent. That’s your prerogative. I just care that you are paying attention to WHY you do it that way. Put some actual thought into one of your biggest freaking jobs---being a dad. I’m just putting out my thoughts because it's my platform. ( My worst case scenario is that this thing is a colossal failure. At least there is a recorded history for my boys to know how I intended to raise them and how I would expect them to raise their kids.) I don’t care if you duplicate them. That’s not the point, that’s not the purpose. For my family they are important. For your family you do you. I don’t want to be the guy that tells everyone exactly what they need to do to be a good dad. I am the guy who tells you my opinion and gets ya’ll to think about WHY you are doing what you are doing. The WHY is all that matters. If you're thinking about the WHY – you're set. This platform contains my thoughts and opinions, but more than that it’s a group of common thinkers. Good dads. A place to look for council and advice. It’s a place to brag about being a good dad. It’s a place to surround yourself with common men. So if I start acting like I’m on a high horse, punch me in the face and kick me in the gonads. That’s not what this is meant to be. Watch the videos, read the content, comment, and email. Engage with our content and give me your opinion. I’m listening!

‘There is a revolution coming. Dads are stepping back up in the family.
Men are becoming real men again.’

- TOWNSEND RUSSELL, Founder of 100% DAD